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Rom Brafman

Ph.D. Psychologist and Author

I am fascinated by the way our mind works and our ability to heal and grow. I am always in awe of the human potential to overcome challenges and surpass even our greatest expectations.

Therapy That Works

Licensed Psychologist, PSY 20844


We usually think of counseling as a place to receive support and talk things out. That is true, but what makes therapy really work is the active and meaningful investigation of what's going on inside: drawing connections and identifying hidden patterns, gaining valuable insights, and coming up with concrete steps to move forward. As a therapist, I'll join you by taking the role of an active participant. I'll ask you questions, share with you my theories and perspectives about what might be going on, and we'll arrive at a working hypothesis together. It's a team effort. You're not expected to work through things alone.

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Getting Excited

You know the feeling you get after attending a really good concert or participating in a really good workout? That’s how therapy should feel: engaging, introspective, opening up new ways of seeing yourself. It’s a collaborative process. Working closely together as a team, we tackle obstacles by using your existing and newly discovered strengths and applying them towards healing. This allows you to operate on a completely different level, being fully grounded in who you truly are. The goal is for you to look back six months from now and to barely recognize your current self.

A Collaborative Approach

My clients are intelligent and motivated people who feel stuck. I ask questions, propose different options, check in with you to get your thoughts, challenge you to question some long-held beliefs–all the while being your biggest supporter. Sometimes we'll be on the same page and other times we'll discuss the way we see things differently. As I get to know you I'll be able to better understand what works best for you to tailor therapy to match the way you approach the world. We will focus on your deep, real self to allow you to approach life in the way that feels most congruent, powerful, and honest.

The Power of Our Psyche

Our brain and mind are the most complex living structures that we know to exist in the universe. What's even more fascinating, though, is our ability to use our minds to heal, bounce back, and grow stronger from even the most difficult circumstances and challenges.


No one knows exactly how our brain works or for that matter what is it specifically about psychotherapy that makes it so effective. But research shows us that when there's a good fit between therapist and client, when you find someone who is warm and real and on the same page as you, someone with whom you feel comfortable being yourself, therapy really takes off.


For me, as a psychologist, there's nothing more fulfilling than hearing back from former clients who remember our work together as a process that changed their life and helped them find out who they really are. As any seasoned clinician will tell you, that's the most rewarding part of being a therapist.

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“Rom Brafman is one of the most innovative unique therapists I have had the pleasure of knowing. He goes 110% to try to help the patient and it's a very sharing relationship between the patient and Dr. Brafman.”

— Yelp Reviewer

“In the years since we've worked together I have experienced ups and downs, but throughout it all I relied on the year of work we did together as a touchstone. 'I am worthy. I am strong. I am loved.' That's what I remember. And I took that with me and felt strong enough that I knew I was okay.”

— Former Client

“He helps you discover pieces of yourself you never knew existed and he challenges you to reach your full potential.”

— Yelp Reviewer

“I just wanted to contact you to tell you that you helped get me into proper shape. Since I moved I've had other therapists, one of whom you recommended, but it was beginning with you that was the catalyst.”

— Former Client


One of my passions is writing and I have been fortunate to co-author two New York Times bestselling works in the areas of psychology and business. I always have book ideas floating around in my head. There's an interesting interplay between what happens in the psychotherapy process and what happens during the writing process: In both cases there's a general idea of where the exploration will go. But you never really know where the exploration will end up. Maybe that's why I'm excited about both mediums of investigation.

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Succeeding When You're Supposed to Fail

What is it about people who manage to defy the odds and do well in their lives despite facing tremendous hardships?

Click: The Magic of Instant Connections

What makes us more likely to connect with others and the importance of community.



Please feel free to contact me to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions. I always enjoy talking with people and if I'm not the right person to help I'd be happy to brainstorm other suggestions.

(650) 906-5559
1150 University Dr
Menlo Park, CA 94025

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